Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Willie for Senate is not a good idea

Recently, I heard from rumors that Willie Revillame could run for a senatorial position in the 2010 Elections. Armed with the soaring popularity and adoration from the Filipinos especially those of the masses (due to his ever-famous show Wowowee, where huge amounts of money are given to people everyday, however, he has not yet affirmed this statement; but, he exclaimed in an interview that in "2010 may bago, abangan niyo".

On a recent poll conducted by Pulse Asia, Willie has "good chances for 2010 polls". Sampled from 1200 respresentative voters with plus/minus 3% error, clearly, the masses vie for him to run in the senate. They were askes: "Kung ang nasabing halalan sa 2010 ay isasagawa ngayon, sinu-sino sa mga sumusunod na personalidad ang inyong iboboto kung sakaling sila ay kakandidato sa pagka-senador? Puwede kayong pumili ng hanggang 12 panglan.”

I have nothing against Mr. Revillame-- he is indeed a kind-hearted person who has the passion to serve the people, to bring hapiness to the people. Yet, the question is not about his passion to serve, the question is about him as a person "fit" for that senatorial spot.

The Philippine Senate has its own history of celebreties sitting/ed on its seats. The popularity of this celebreties, obviously, paved them their way to have a place in it. However how they are rich and famous, we, the people rarely see them "actively" participating in the comings and goings in the senate (By saying 'actively' participating, it means that they know the processes of legislation). Indeed, we see them, hypocritely, donating tons of money to this foundations and that foundations (though good, but for there own gain), passing boring and lousy and not-so-helping bills that they thnk will be for the benefit of the greater.

If Mr. Revillame runs, will he be a good senator or not? Will he be a hypocrite senator or not?

He is wealthy, adorable, and admirable; however, does he know the comings and goings of the legislation, the laws and all that will help the government govern this corruption-infested country? If he is rich enough to have two yacths, a set of cars, and a grandeur-reflecting house in corinthian Hills, will that be enough to excuse him from corrupting the public funds? We know not.

For the record, Mr. Revilliame also has a history of alleged molestations, and other acts that lead to suspension of some of his shows during the past. These will not disqualify him, though, for running for Senate; but, will we allow him to grab that position. i dare say, NO WE SHOULD NOT!

The Senate needs more intelligent people to handle its processes. The Senate needs more Miriam Defensor-Santiago's and Jovito Salonga's than those celebreties who only have their popularity as their weapon. The more celeberity we will put in the Senate in the next elections, the more the evidences shall be that the Filipinos are indeed narrow-minded. We protest our government as a puppet of the American Government yet we do not know how to handle such government. If the government is for the people, then we must put proper officials in it: less corrupt, less celebrities, more intellectuals. If the government is by the people, then we must select the proper individuals with proper ideals to lead us to improvements.

On the other hand, for Mr. Revillame and the other celebrities, let them help the peoplen in their own ways without the power vested by government seats.

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