Thursday, March 31, 2011

Cristy Fermin's Uncalled Tirade to Aiza Seguerra

The Willie Revillame Alleged Child Abuse situation clearly has divided the entire nation as the issues now becomes a national issue. Why it is a national issue is based on the primary principle that Children Welfare and Human Rights are all together a national interest. I can't help it but to feel sad on how some people could not see the subtleness of the vicious act of exploitation on that moment and rather than stopping it, people ended up looking at a gyrating minor as an entertainment. With the swiftness of words as it travels through the seemingly frictionless social networks had this issue branched out and the situation grows sadder as some people (well, they are of WR's side) resort to uncalled ad hominems to retaliate. What should have been a discourse discussed purely by minds is being turned to mudslingings by those who keeps standing their ground for their "loyalty" to WR.

I am talking about Cristy Fermin and her seriously uncalled comment on her radio show. In her defense to Willie Revillame, Fermin said that a "singer" (yes she didn't directly named who) has no right to talk about morality because "the singer" lives an immoral life. I know I would be filling in the blanks here but the context of the statement clearly points out to Aiza Seguerra. So, what does Cristy Fermin try to insinuate in this statement? Obviously she is referring to Aiza Seguerra's sexuality and the message that came to me on that instant Fermin said that statement was that she equalizes being homosexual to immorality.

This is totally uncalled for. Clearly, for a lack of better argument, Fermin just carelessly, again, threw mud in the wrong direction. First and foremost, it is out of the topic talking about immorality and homosexuality. Secondly, it is disgusting that she equated gay as immoral.

This has disturbed me and it hurts for me to hear this kind of statements. As a proud homosexual, the struggle to find my sexuality and identity is hard enough, not to mention the name callings I am getting for being gay. In this era of modernization and freedom of expression, anti-gay statements are totally a no-no as they are a form of discrimination. I know that Fermin knows this but she seems off the line as she only saying this to desperately cover Revillame's ass. She can definitely defend Willie to all of her liking but it is not right for her to comment on things that is not a part of the issue at discourse. We are supposed to be talking about the existence of "child abuse" on that night of March 12 when Jan Jan gyrated in the national television.

There are a lot of discourse going on everywhere. Call it a circus, but I know for a fact that this issue will end at a point where we are all learned a lesson. For this case, the circumstances teaches us that Child Abuse is not limited to physically harming a child but the definitions extends to cases where in the "abuse" and "exploitations" are so sublime that we can easily overlook on to this. If we are going to discuss things and provide evidences to prove our argument, let's maintain the discourse in an intelligent level and not to resort--ever-- to name callings and ad hominems. And as for Fermin, I think it must be proper for her to apologize to Aiza Seguerra and to the LGBT community for what she has said.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Sec. Dinky Soliman (DSWD) Letter to MVP Re: Child Abuse in Willieng Willie

28 March 2011

ABC Development Corporation

Dear Mr. Pangilinan:

This is with regard to the 12 March 2011 episode of your show “Willing Willie”, which was brought to my attention by several concerned citizens and groups. In the said episode, a six year-old boy named Jan-Jan Estrada was made to repeatedly perform dance moves usually done by adult dancers in indecent shows. The poor child was in tears and looked scared the entire time, as show host Willie Revillame poked fun at him and the audience laughed and cheered.

Under Republic Act No. 7610, also known as "Special Protection of Children Against Abuse, Exploitation and Discrimination Act”, the term “child abuse” includes the following acts: “psychological and physical abuse, neglect, cruelty, sexual abuse and emotional maltreatment,” and “any act by deeds or words which debases, degrades or demeans the intrinsic worth and dignity of the child as a human being.”

Given that definition, it is unmistakable that what happened last 12 March 2011 to Jan-Jan Estrada was child abuse.

Persuading a little child to dance sexy adult dances in exchange for a measly sum, while he is being laughed at and ridiculed will definitely traumatize the child. What kind of values are we teaching our children through these shows, especially after Willie Revillame pushed Jan-Jan to do something against his will and then told him that it’s alright because he will receive money in exchange for it?

Given the foregoing, I am requesting that:

(1) Young children not be allowed to appear in Willing Willie and other similar shows in the network that cashes in on poverty;
(2) Host Willie Revillame be rebuked for his insensitive and deplorable actions.

There are limits to children appearing on television, and clearly, your 12 March 2011 episode did not respect the rights of the child and traumatized the six year-old boy. I also wish to raise my concern that the show tends to cash in on the plight of the poor. There are other ways of helping the poor without having to degrade their dignity and earn money out of it.

I hope you can act on this swiftly and I would appreciate a response from your good office.

Thank you.

Very truly yours,


Cc: Mary Grace Poe-Llamanzares,
       Chairman, MTRCB

Final Complaint Letter Re: Child Abuse in Willieng Willie

Demented Little Boy supports the crusade against Child Abuse, so I never doubted when Mr. Froilan Grate asked for people to sign this complaint letter against the shameful acts of Mr. Revillame. In my opinion, such acts., whether explicit or subliminal, should be penalized because TV shows, like Willieng Willie, have such a great impact in upholding the moral standards of our society. Thus, I have no regret to co-sign this following letter of complaint:

Hon. Loretta Ann P. Rosales, Chairperson, Commission on Human Rights
Sen. Pia S. Cayetano, Committee Chair, Youth, Women and Family Affairs
Hon. Corazon "Dinky" Juliano-Soliman, Secretary, Department of Social Welfare and Development
Hon. Grace Poe Llamanzares, Chairman, Movies and Television Ratings and Classification Board
Mr. Manny Pangilinan, Chairman, TV5
Justice Santiago M. KapunanOfficer in Charge, Integrated Bar of The Philippines
Mr. John Rojo, President, Philippine Association of National Advertisers
Ms. Charmaine CanillasChairman, Ad Standards Council
Ateneo Human Rights Center
Council for the Welfare of Children


We wish to bring to your attention a deplorable incident that occurred during the March 12, 2011 episode of Willing Willie, hosted by Mr. Willie Revillame which was aired during TV5's primetime block. In the said episode, also posted on YouTube at, a six-year-old boy named Jan-jan was shown dancing “ala-macho dancer," much to the delight of the host and the studio audience. As seen in the video, however, the boy was clearly distressed and humiliated by the said experience as evidenced by his crying while supposedly “entertaining” Mr. Revillame and his audience.

Children should be at school studying or playing at home. They should not be used as cheap sources of entertainment. The act of making children work is already unfortunate; however, the said act is even more deplorablewhen they lose their dignity and self respect in the process.

If TV shows that employ child actors are required to secure the necessary permits from the DSWD, are reality shows like Willing Willie required to do the same? Are representatives from the DSWD present to monitor these activities, especially for shows that air live?

We quote Article V, Section 9 of Republic Act No. 7610 or the Special Protection of Children Against Abuse, Exploitation and Discrimination Act:

“Obscene Publications and Indecent Shows. – Any person who shall hire, employ, use, persuade, induce or coerce a child to perform in obscene exhibitions and indecent shows, whether live or in video, or model in obscene publications or pornographic materials or to sell or distribute the said materials shall suffer the penalty of prison mayor in its medium period. 

If the child used as a performer, subject or seller/distributor is below twelve (12) years of age, the penalty shall be imposed in its maximum period.

Any ascendant, guardian, or person entrusted in any capacity with the care of a child who shall cause and/or allow such child to be employed or to participate in an obscene play, scene, act, movie or show or in any other acts covered by this section shall suffer the penalty of prison mayor in its medium period.”

Clearly, what transpired during this episode of Willing Willie was a violation of this provision of the law.

We condemn the blatant act of subjecting poor Filipinos -- especially minors, a group that history has shown to be one of the most vulnerable sectors of our society -- to humiliation in shows like these in exchange for some quick cash. Given the financial hardships that they have to endure, they often feel forced to do acts that violate their dignity as human beings in exchange for keeping body and soul together.

We condemn the host, not only for failing to stop the boy, who was clearly uncomfortable with what he had to do, but more importantly for milking similar situations for the sake of selling the show and increasing its ratings.

We condemn the producers of the show and the management of TV5 not only for failing to act appropriately on this incident, but also for tolerating these kinds of shows, as well as the host's tasteless and humiliating antics.

We express disappointment towards the parents of the boy for subjecting their child to this horrible experience.

We express concern for the studio audience and others at home who found this incident amusing and entertaining.

We express disappointment towards all the advertisers of the show for failing to consider the content and the values of the shows in which they advertise.

We challenge our government agencies, particularly the DSWD and the MTRCB, to act promptly on this and other similar incidents, and to institute measures to protect young children when they appear on Willing Willie and similar shows.

In this regard, we would like to request the following actions from your office:

  1. For Mr. Manny Pangilinan and the management of TV5 to immediately implement a temporary moratorium on the guesting of children on Willing Willie and similar shows;

  1. For Mr. Willie Revillame and the producers of the show to issue a public apology to Jan-jan and all their other guests whom they have humiliated in the past, and to promise never to commit the same acts in their future episodes;

  1. For the MTRCB to conduct an investigation and  review of the said episode to determine the violations made by the host and the producers of the show of the standards and regulations set by law and the Board, and impose corresponding penalties on those found guilty;

  1. For the DSWD and the CHR to conduct an investigation into the said incident to determine the violations of Republic Act 7610 or the Special Protection of Children Against Abuse, Exploitation and Discrimination Act and Republic Act 9262 or the Anti-Violence Against Women and Their Children Act of 2004,  committed by the host, the producers and the management of TV5,  and initiate legal action against those who will be found responsible;

  1. For the DSWD and the MTRCB, in partnership with the TV networks in the country, to formulate regulations that will cover the appearance of children on game shows and other reality-TV themed shows, especially those that are aired live;

  1. For the Committee on Youth, Women and Family Affairs of the Senate to conduct an investigation, in aid of legislation, to institute amendments to Republic Act 7610 or the Special Protection of Children Against Abuse, Exploitation and Discrimination Act and Republic Act 9262 or the Anti-Violence Against Women and Their Children Act of 2004 to protect children from similar violations;

  1. For the DSWD to provide counselling to Janjan and to all other children who participated on the show in the past for possible trauma and other physiological distress, as well as to their parents who consider subjecting their children to such experience as acceptable;

  1. For the Integrated Bar of the Philippines to provide legal support to the victims of these abuses who may want to pursue legal action against those who will be found responsible by the relevant government agencies; and

  1. For the Philippine Association of National Advertisers and AdBoard to forward this complaint to all their members, especially those who advertise on Willing Willie, and to request their members to temporarily cease placing ads on the show until the host, the producer and the management have complied with this request and instituted reforms to avoid a repeat of this incident in the future. Otherwise, we will be constrained to start a call to boycott the products of those who will refuse to heed this request.

We are expecting a prompt reply and action on your part. We will be continuously monitoring this issue and will continue to gather support from the general public through a Facebook page ( we have started, as well as the mainstream media.


Together with all of the netizens, Demented Little Boy condemns any act of degrading and shamefully humiliating the dignity of our children. We should all launch our crusades against Child Abuse. 

Saturday, March 26, 2011

How To Write a Hate Mail

Finally, I have written my first hate letter ever addressed to this annoying "friend" of mine who thinks we are best friends. You see, this gay guy always drags me to his (sex-) escapades which I decline every time he asks me too. To make the story short, he wants me to be with him every time he has a "booking" for me to witness how "beautiful" he is in the eyes of those slackers-slash-addicts-slash-not my type of guys. So, five hours ago, I started to write a hate letter to vent out my abomination (Yes, that's the word!) to this "friend" and I am now contemplating on whether or not I should send it to him or not (Well, that depends on my mood.).

Well, writing a hate letter is something that doesn't come out easily. Firstly, because they tend to be emotional and secondly, because expressing what you feel in words is always difficult. In the course of writing my first ever hate mail, I came to realize that there are several things that matter when writing one. Here are they: 
  1. Never write while you’re angry. Feel free to replace the word ‘angry’ with any other strong emotion (sad, hellbent, crying). Writing while you’re angry or overly emotion is dangerous. So, take a break and breathe deep before the pen ever touches the pad. BUT, feel free to rant on Twitter or a paper so that you can always refer to some of the words you have used. They are may be beneficial for the following step.
  2. Words are your weapon, use them wisely. Words have the ability to heal wounds as well as create lifelong scars. When you write a hate letter you want to convey your hatred in every word. You must realize that some words cause paper cuts while others are machetes. Make them more profound and vivid. Don't tell him you're angry, tell him that you want to tear him on every segment of his body-odor infested body and have the parts masticated by a hungry alligator. 
  3. Always stay in control. The wisest of warriors will tell you that control is how they win battles, and staying in control of what you’re writing is not only a way to make sure you get all your points across, but it also guarantees that your words won’t be used against you at a later time. Think about your words, and then listen to them from the perspective of the reader. Feel their emotion and make sure it is exactly what you wanted your words to convey.
  4. Never write what you don’t mean. Writing a hate letter is akin to writing a love letter. That’s why if you don’t mean it, don’t say it. You and only you are accountable for your actions whether they be on paper, a computer screen, or a bathroom wall. So never write what you don’t mean, as it will almost always be used against you at a later time, and it’s hard to defend what you never truly believed to begin with.
  5. Perform expectation management before you send Expect that your reader isn’t the only one that’s going to see it. Expect to ruffle some feathers. Expect that you’re going to get a response from the reader. Expect the hate to be returned in some way, shape or form. In short, make your hate letter as your first blow and always have back-up sarcasm and fiery words to hurl back once you're reader retaliates. 
Writing a hate letter will always make you feel better once it’s done. However, before sending it, make sure that the gladness you feel isn’t resolved completely by just getting the words down on paper.
However, you always have the right to choose between burning them after writing, or being really bitchy and send those to them. 

Friday, March 25, 2011

The Hate Model and Twitter Wars

Twitter has transformed itself from merely sharing mundane things to a platform for discussion. Issues regarding politics, economics, education, etc are often, and more often than not efficiently, discussed in social networking sites. However, as much as some people want social networking sites to be a stage for intellectual discourse, we can not avoid the chance that some people will hate a person specifically because of where the person stands and opines. 

In the past few days or weeks, I have been a witness to several Twitfolks being attacked by haters. The blogger Chuvaness (Cecile Van Sraten in real life; @jiritajackson in Twitter) was attacked by tweets from a woman based in Australia. The reason: Chuvaness is not buying the Piolo-KC relationship. Then we have Noemi Dado (aka @momblogger) and a certain @RAndRat were bombarded with hate tweets from the fans of Manny Pacquiao after the two inquired about the absence of the congressman in the Plenary Session. Twitter has been a vital medium to express their opinions and to clarify things, but what is disturbing (and in fact unavoidable) is that haters tend to resort to ad hominem attacks rather than keep their opinions in a logical manner.

So what interests me is how haters hate. So what I did is that I ran a search in Google and I bumped into this interesting article which tackles about The Seven-Stage Hate Model. Below is the summary of the Model: 

1. Haters gather- irrational haters do not hate alone. They hate because there are at least other people who hate irrationality. This reveals insecurity.
2. The Hate Group defines it self- "Hate groups, especially skinhead groups, usually incorporate some form of self-sacrifice, which allows haters to willingly jeopardize their well-being for the greater good of the cause"
3. The Hate Group disparages the target-  Haters think that they are better than the target. 
4. The Hate Group taunts the targetTime tends to tame the hate but this tendency often yields to introspection. To avoid this, haters need to fuel the hate further which explains their taunting. 
5. The Hate Group attacks the target without weapons- On this stage, the hate level grows in a increasing rate. The outlet for the hate for this stage is mostly concentrated verbally. With this, haters tend to separate themselves further from the society.
6. The Hate Group attacks the target with weapons- Violence is seen in this stage. Haters torture the target further and in turn backfires to them by separating themselves further from the society.
7. The Hate Group destroys the target- This is the ultimate goal of haters. However, as much as the hater destroyed the hated, the hater also suffers destruction physically or psychologically.

Twitter wars are less violent. More often than not, although we don't dispel the possibility, social network wars are not ending up in violence. The verbal nature of Twitter makes it easier to ignore haters but they tend to multiply themselves in forms of other people or fake accounts. What is irritating is that personal attacks are used as a weapon to destroy. At the end of the day, however, the one who knows what to say and says it in a socially acceptable manner stays. Haters usually ended up being blocked or reported as spam.

PS. Stop the hate. READ. 

Monday, March 21, 2011

This Week on America's Next Top Model: Rachel Zoe in the House

This week on the America's Next Top Model Cycle 16, celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe guests for the show. The models pose in faux fur together with a cute but feisty baby tiger. Here are the pictures from next episodes.
Resident Bitch-Diva, Alexandria growls back to baby tiger.
Brittany poses cunningly with her pet.
Teyona-- I mean Dalya, looks hot on those shorts.
Hannah looks like Analeigh from Cycle 11
I stay by my opinion that Jaclyn should pose not talk. But doesn't this pic read "hoe"?
Kasia gives us a yet another version of her signature look: The Open Mouth
Mikaela looks like she's breast-feeding the baby tiger.
Molly, just after the weave haywire, connects with the tiger on this Madonna-like shot.
Monique, fierce and stunning on this shot.
So who do you think will go home?

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Censorship of Depicting Homosexual Relationship in Philippine Television

Last episode of Glee features the kiss of Blaine and Kurt. Months ago, Dave kissed Kurt in the locker room. Of course, those who watched it in the internet, enjoyed seeing the lovable Kurt being kissed by guys. The Klaine kiss was like the dream of every gay guys out there and I totally commend the writer's of Glee for making such thing happen on Kurt. He deserves it. However, what the audience doesn't deserve is the censorship that MTRCB posed on the "Klaine" kiss, or homosexual kiss in general.

Few hours ago, I saw the Philippine airing of Original Songs, and I was disturbed by the fact that the kiss was not shown. It was like I was stolen a few moments of bliss. I feel disrespected and I started to wonder what is MTRCB's stand when it comes to depiction of homosexuality in Philippine television.

Of course we see a lot of homosexual characters in the television but most of them are like these flamboyantly loud and funny gays. No depth, no seriousness within the character itself. Maybe the writers do not think that a "sensible" gay character would become a hit or maybe they are just too afraid of depicting one, specifically, a deep emotional connection between homosexual characters. I just wonder.

Searching the internet, I stumbled upon these statements by MTRCB. This happened in 2004 and was sent to the TV programs The Buzz and S-Files. I find these statements absolutely disgusting. They say:
" lesbian and homosexual relationships are an abnormality to human nature... To show such kind of abnormality/aberration on primetime TV programs gives the impression that the network is encouraging homosexual relationships" (bold mine)
"To allow lesbians or homosexuals to kiss each on television during primetime is tantamount to saying to children who watch your programs that to be lesbian or homosexual is all right"
These statements of the then MTRCB Chairwoman Consolita Laguardia are totally outrageous and absolutely disgusting. She was as if implying that homosexuals do not have the right to fall in love, or generally speaking, have a deeper emotional attachment to another person. In this world where the persecution to homosexuals seem less severe, this type of statements  unacceptable and totally disrespectful not only towards homosexuals but also towards the person's right to freely express himself. Yes, I know for a fact that these statements were uttered years ago and Laguardia already apologized; but, this "rule' seems to be standing strong because of the censorship on these type of scenes.

So I appeal to the current MTRCB Chairwomen Mary Grace Llamanzares to review their rules with regards to depicting homosexual relationships in the Philippine television. Times are already changed and awareness comes with respect. We are glad that homosexuals receive appreciation in the society but we are also striving for much wider scope of equality. Freedom of expression is a right that must be expressed by each and every one of us. Homosexuals just need to have the society's level of respect to them to be raised in a level where homosexuality is not classified as a disease or an 'abnormality to human nature'

Crying Nights with Dear John

Not much movies for me this week, I watched Adjustment Bureau, Megamind (I watched it last year, this time with my brother), and Dear John. Adjustment Bureau was a chick flick, I realized, they just added this plot line involving controllists and magical doors. At the end of the day, Matt Damon looks hot and the story ended quite well (Read: They live happily ever after). Nothing much to talk about that movie but we learn that we cannot turn the door knob to the left because we might end up getting pursued with our puppeteers. Not the point of this blog post.

So last night, I bumped to this movie Dear John starring the dashing Channing Tatum and the actress from the recently big time film flop of 2011 Amanda Seyfried. All I can say after watching this movie is that it left me crying and crying with how broken John was after he received the letter from Savannah saying she's engaged. He was so broken he burned all the letters he has received. I was reminded by Steve Sandvoss from Latter Days. Channing's face and aura left a mark on me and I bet it will be haunting me for days, if not weeks. (To tell quite frankly, the Steve's story still haunts me and I watched that movie about two months ago). The imprint of loss and sadness stays in me especially when the narrative is told in such a moving way. In this case, the exchange of letters, the loneliness and uncertainty in the middle of the desert, and the longing were justified by the script.

The subplot which involves John's relationship with his father also touched me. Maybe because of my disturbed relationship with my family, but every time I see scenes involving family I can't help but cry. John grew distant to his father because of the coin collection. It turns out the "obsession" of his father for the coins is an outlet and a manifestation that the father is actually born autistic. The emotional distance between John and his father was reconciled when Mr. Tyree had a stroke and John realizes that his father is the most important person in his life. Next thing we knew, John was seating alone in his father's funeral. This contributed to John's character and in a way, brings John and Savannah together. It 's as if his father works for the reconciliation of the two lovers-- a reciprocation, much more like a compensation, for the long lost connection between the father and the son.

Dear John received a lot of negative reviews from the critics: Rotten Tomatoes gave it 28% rating while Metacritic rated 48%. Although in the Box Office, it placed no. 1 in its opening weekend. I might say that the script is actually a cliched tear-jerker but nonetheless, it didn't failed to leave a mark- at least for me. Dear John is absolutely a chick-flick, although cliched, but definitely worth the watch.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Senator Pia's statement vs. hoax messages

Within these past few days, we have been witnesses to how efficient technology, specifically the social networking sites, in information dissemination. Moments after the Tsunami hit Japan's East Coast last Friday, my Twitter timeline became flooded with informations. However, these informations may or may not be true, depending to the sources where it came from. Few days ago amidst the radiation scare, the country was alerted by messages indicating that there will be a radiation rain that will happen around 4PM. While the traditional form of media clears this again and again, the scare had established a confusion already resulting to the suspension of classes of a university in Manila and several schools outside the Metro. Thus, as we have been a witness of the efficiency of technology in spreading news, we also endanger ourselves in spreading viral information with no factual basis.

Below is the press release of Senator Pia Cayetano on hoax messages titled When in Doubt, Don't Spread it. Listen to the Experts!

Senator Pia S. Cayetano today advised the public not to panic over hoax text messages that started circulating this week spreading rumors that deadly radiation from earthquake-stricken nuclear plants in Japan had already reached Philippine territory and is directly threatening the health and safety of Filipinos.

“People should remain calm and vigilant by staying abreast of news developments instead of panicking over baseless text messages such as those warning of radiation and acid rain allegedly caused by the nuclear plant incidents in Japan that had supposedly reached our country,” said Cayetano, Chairperson of the Senate Committee on health and Demography.  

 “Let us use instant messaging technology to share useful information only, and not to contribute to social anxiety by forwarding unscientific and baseless rumors. In case of doubt as to the source and veracity of any information we receive, we should simply not spread it. Instead, we should refer to official advisories from known authorities such as the Department of Health (DOH), Department of Science and Technology (DOST), PAGASA and the Philippine Nuclear Research institute (PNRI) which are regularly reported through the media.

“Suffice it to say, these government agencies should always be pro-active in educating and informing the people on these issues and should never allow rumor-mongers to overtake them.” #

Demented Little Boy joins the call against hoax messages. As like any other developments of technology, we should be responsible enough in handling our messaging platforms and our social networking account. Let us not spread false messages because it causes unnecessary panic which in turn takes toll on our own precious resources. 


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Me as the Newest Writer for GleeClubOnline

Last night around 11pm, The Glee Club Online announced that they are in need of contributers for the online blog. As an avid fan of Glee, I contacted them and applied as a contributor. Then, few hours later, I found my articles posted in the blog. Yes, I was accepted and I'm so glad for this new opportunity. Being a passionate Gleek, this will be a great channel for me to share the passion.

I invite you to visit The Glee Club Online and support this venture of my mine, so as the show itself. We look forward for episodes of pure Glee fun .

Love lots,

Saturday, March 12, 2011

ANTM Judges Nigel Barker and Miss J Alexander Visits the Philippines

According to Tim Yap, two of the judges of America's Next Top Model are coming here in the Philippines. Tim Yap tweeted:
America's Next Top Model's Nigel Barker is in Manila, shooting someone from GMA-7. Who is it? Secret. You'll see it in the next few months" 
"America's Next Top Model judge&coach Miss J Alexander will be in Manila April 14-16,going around Ayala Malls for a series of talks on beauty "
"Getting ready to meet Nigel Barker &see him in action. Interesting to see passionate&talented people@ work. Plus, he loves the Philippines!"
I don't really care who Nigel is shooting (That person is very lucky). I wanna meet him and see him and hear his loveli-eh British accent. God, that photographer is hot! Also, I wanna see Ms. J in person. He might notice me in the crowd and have one-on-one teach with him on how to nail it on the cat walk.

To those who didn't know,  Nigel Barker is a world renowned fashion photographer who's been described by Tyra Banks as "lovely, sexy"on ANTM. He shot numerous top models and owns StudioNB in the Meat Packing District of Manhattan. He modeled for 10 years while pursuing college. He's married to the CoverGirl representative Cristen Chin Barker, who also have guested in some episode of ANTM.

Ms. J Alexander, the ultimate "runway diva coach extraordinaire", is a former judge (replaced by the current Andre Leon Talley) and the current resident runway coach of ANTM. He is famous for walking the runway for Jean Paul Gaultier and had coached models in the runway including Naomi Campbell and Tyra Banks herself. He also designs his own outfits in ANTM except for the nurse outfit. Last year, he released his first book Follow the Model: Miss J's Guide to Unleashing Presence, Poise and Power that "shares his story and offers tips on how to be confident".

Movie Watch List: March 6-12

Just Go With It Starring: Jeniffer Aniston, Adam Sandler
50 First Dates Starring: Drew Barrymore, Adam Sandler
The Sixth Sense Starring: Bruce Willis, Haley Joel Osment
Forrest Gump Starring: Tom Hanks, Robin Wright, Gary Sinise
Coco Avant Chanel Starring: Audrey Tatou, Benoit Poelvoorde, Alessandro Nivola

Can you guess the connections among these movies (at least among the first four)?

Boring nights lead me to watching these movies. Movie breaks in between paper works are my private haven from all the stress, after all, watching the Twitter timeline can get boring. So Tuesday night, I found myself searching through (Torrents are the most wonderful things ever invented. But that makes me a pirate. Who cares anyway?), and found a good copy of Just Go With It.  

Just Go With It is just like any other romantic comedies out there. Boy doesn't realize girl's hotness not until a vacation or something out-of-nowhere. This is just the kind of movie with no historical significance of its own but a good watch if you want a good laugh. The fake british accent of the drama queen daughter of Aniston was so hilarious that it made me want to practice Harry Potter Tongue. For more, Adam Sandler, who's character is unbelievingly rich, is so hot. Imagine hot body + sense of humor. Heaven.

The last point lead me to find another movie with Adam Sandler in it. So went to Google, typed "Adam Sandler romantic comedies" and boom, it gave me 50 First Dates. With my sudden Adam Sandler wanting, this movie is indeed a treat. Of course, Adam would not be Adam without those insensitive jokes but this movie made me cry. His character in here is so sweet that I wanna have an overnight anterogade amnesia for myself and have a boyfriend like him. The movie is heart-warming enough to evoke some tears, especially each time when Drew wakes up finding the video and knowing that she has that kind of disorder (And she has to go into that each day!) so that she get to experience Adam's love and the joy of having a daughter and also a life. Not a great movie though, but a great watch.

I get to watch Sixth Sense because it was mentioned within 50FD (Remember Drew's gift to his father?). Hahaha. I don't like to watch horror movies in the midnight (I usually watch around 12 AM) because I will be having difficulty of sleeping. So with my heart beating fast, I watched it and heaven do really loves me, it is not that scary. Of course there were the usual Oh shit! moments, but overall, it turned out to be a psycho-logic thriller. This gave me my occasional dose of thinking, and I was like, "Oh that's why!". But this movie lead me to think why Haley Joel Osment is the best pick for creepy child roles.

Speaking of Haley Joel Osment, the only movie which I saw him in it without him being creepy is in Forrest Gump. Well he looks creepy in it but the character isn't (He still look creepy in the real life! Right now! Have you seen his pictures?). Going back to FG, this movie is the "having sense" movie which deserves its Oscars. Tom Hanks is wonderful on his acting as the below-average-IQ guy. This movie made me realize that what matters most is the honesty of feelings. The truth is always conveyed in minimalistic, not those superfluous, words. This is a must watch before you die movie.

My last movie was kinda off. It does not relate to the other four movies on any other way. It just popped out of my mind, suddenly making me remember how I waited for this movie 2 years ago. Coco Avant Chanel is not the usual melodramatic film from real life. The drama is subtler and relies perfectly on the circumstances of the character. After watching A Very Long Engagement , Audrey Tatou is one of my favorite actresses (To be frank, Da Vinci Code didn't contribute to my liking of Tatou. Oh wait, Tom Hanks was there. Oh there, a connection.). Playing Gabrielle Chanel, the movie tells us the early struggle of the orphan who sooner will be the owner of the store selling thousand dollar bags. This movie is inspiring not to mention the wonderful line showcased at the fashion show towards the end of the show. Audrey looks stunning in the closing shot.

So yeah, another week passed with random movies that I watch.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Impeach raps vs Merci goes to plenary

After exhaustive debate on due process and on the existence of probable cause, the House Committee on Justice finally ruled on the existence of probable cause on the two impeachment complaints against Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez, 39-9-1; 39-6-1. During the said voting, Rep. Rodolfo Farinas, Vice-Chair of the Committee on Justice, received a text message from Speaker Sonny Belmonte saying that the Supreme Court junks with finality Merci's motion for reconsideration, voting 7-5-2. With these, the Committee will draft the articles of impeachment and will bring it on the plenary for debates that will start on March 15-16.

So where will Merci go now? Apparently, with her discourtesy and arrogance, the Ombudsman has no choice but to face these raps on her. She has no one on her side now (well, except her nunal).

I do really hope this case will turn out favorable for the Filipinos.

Nagmemeron Awardee:
> Rep. Em Aglipay's bedroom voice. (Hot)
> Rep. Cagas quotes on the Bible, "He who has not sinned cast the first stone." Then walks out (again!).
> Rep. Lagman shows the two feet high files submitted by the Ombudsman in reply. The stack was called "Obstruction of Justice"
>Rep. Lagman abstinence on the voting.
UPDATE: March,10

Amidst the hype of having the impeachment charges against Merci on the "off-to-plenary" level (historical indeed!), the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee, headed by Sen. TG Guingona, released their recommendations after the investigation on the Garcia Plunder Case. One of the recommendations of the Committee is for the impeachment of Gutierrez. He even asked her to spare the country and resign from her post.

Although there are remarks that the Senate should have not said that this early because of the fairness issue about the ongoing impeachment raps vs Merci, I definitely agree on the call for her to resign. Having her tainted credibility, it would be easier for all of us if she will step down. After all, how can she suppose to fully commit on her post as the Ombudsman if she is busy enough protecting herself.

Let's just see what will happen next.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Another Classic Re-imagined: Red Riding Hood

I love how Rapunzel was re-imagined in the animated love-story Tangled.  Not mentioning that Flynn Ryder is uber cute, the legend was retold with a realistic subplot primarily depicting how subtle greed and evil can be. Coming this March 11, another legend is about to retold in the horror movie Red Riding Hood.

Starring Amanda Seyfried, Lukas Haas, Gary Oldman and Billy Burke, this movie is about a forest girl named Valeria who fell in love with a woodcutter much to her family's dismay. The movie is directed by the Twilight Director, Catherine Hardwicke and produced by Leonardo Di Caprio.

Here's the trailer:

I'm excited!

Jon Robyn's Cover of There's a Fine Fine Line

Anyone who has seen Avenue Q will be very most familiar with the song There's a Fine Fine Line. Sang by Kate Monster, this song is about heart break. Last night, I bumped into this cover version of my favorite West End star, no other JON ROBYNS (Who also plays Rod and Princeton in the West End Production).
Aww. I'm falling in love with him again.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Piece from High School

A while ago, I was rummaging through our basement. Nothing really much, just looking for a hidden treasure (I guess), that lies within those chambers. Then I bumped in to my old pile from Senior Year school. I found this piece, written in a pink (so gay!) construction paper, that earned me an A+ for Filipino. And for the record, I suck in Filipino, so I am wondering now how proud I was after receiving a high mark for this sanaysay.

Goodbye Kamusmusan, Welcome Kabataan

Sapagkat ang kamusmusan ay isang kulungan ng kababawang kaisipan kung saan dapata tayong kumawala at maging kritikal sa pagdili-dili ng ating mga ideya. Sa ganitong paraan, tayo ay makakapagbulay-bulay sa mga isyung nagaganap sa ating lipunan. Datapwa't tayo ay tumindig at ipaglaban ang katotohanan. Ito ang papel na dapat nating gampanan sa ikauunlad ng bayan. Sapagkat ang kabataan ang pag-asa ng bayan.

Sapagkat ang kamusmusan ay isang kulungan ng kakulangang intelektwal na dapat tayong kumawala dahil sa mabilis na pag-agos ng panahon. Sa ganitong paraan, madali nating makakalimutan si Teddy Bear at si Rubber Duckie sapagkat papel at pluma na ang ating hahawakan. Kakalimutan din natin si Cinderella at si Snow White dahil si Ibaraa at si Elias na ang ating kikilalanin. Datapwa't tayo'y humulagpos sa mga ito at mageksperimento. Sapagkat ang kabataan a y pagasa ng bayan.

Sapagkata ang kamusmusan ay isang kulungan ng biruan na dapat tayong kumawala dahil sryoso ang pinagdaraanan ni Inang Bayan. Sa ganitong paraan, ating makikilala kung sino si kahirapan at si kagutuman. Datapwa't tayo'y kakayod at magsisiphayok. Ang tawanan ay isang alternatibo sa ating pagwawalang-bahala. Tayo'y tumindig at mangatwiran. Sapagkat ang kabataan a ang pag-asa ng bayan. #

I can't believe I have used those words. Nose bleed.

Battle Axe Network's Good Times Acoustic Pilots Tomorrow Night

Avid listeners of the Good Times with Mo the Podcast, are you one of us who have to endure the two days of withdrawal from our much favorite podcast? Well, worry not my friends because tomorrow, Mo Twister will pilot the first episode of Good Times Acoustic(GTA) with Pinoy sensation Johnoy Danao.

Battle Axe Network brings to you a yet another sensational podcast after the much successful GTWM the Podcast. Every Sunday, 8PM-10PM, Mo and Johnoy will give you two hours of acoustic session. Like the podcast, GTA will be available live at the GTWM Ustream channel and will be available for download at iTunes.

For now, enjoy this toe-tapping cover of Snow Patrol's Just Say Yes from the Bonus episode of GTWM Podcast:

Keep on supporting GTWM podcast, as it remains on the top charts of iTunes all over the world. Don't forget to tune in tomorrow and as usual, love/sex/relationship questions will be entertained weeknights 9-11PM on the regular podcast with Mo and Dr. Ganster. Good Times!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

ANTM Cycle 16 Makeovers

Disclaimer: Demented Little Boy does not own any of these pictures

For those die-hard fans of America's Next Top Model, here comes our favorite week of the season. Yes, MAKEOVERS!!!!! Cuts, weaves, colors, waves, curls and especially, of course, tears. The question is, who will embrace their new look....let's find out on the next episode.

Here are some leaked photos:

(Looks like Analeigh from Cycle 11)
(Full-size model, but isn't Whitney (cycle 10) much thinner?)
(This girl should just pose...not talk)


(We have another Teyona!)
(I have to say that this is the most chic bobcat)
(She reminds me of Melrose from Cycle 7)

This week's featured photographer will be Pamela Hanson while they will be styled by Lori Goldstein who will be the guest panel for this week. This week's photo shoot? Fierce Couture.