Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Evolution of Thinkers

A couple of minutes ago, I was reading Discover Magazine (December 2008 issue) cover article entitled 50 Best Brains in Science. I was amazed by the veterans who influenced the academe, who researched the unexplored realms of science and universe and who challenged all odds to enable us to fully understand the mechanisms of life. However, I was most amazed by the featured scientist who are "20 under 40". While most of them had acquired their Ph.D's early, some of them are still students!

Looking at the pictures of these young and veteran thinkers made me ponder if these people really have those names included in the list. The people reflected on the pictures are young, plain and simply like an ordinary persons. I had expected to see lens-aided persons whose get-up is in the geeky fashion. However, I had seen the complete contradictory of this. I was simply astounded by the fact that geeks undergo evolutionary trends that enable them to conform to the "taste" of the time.

It is, therefore, possible for an ordinary person to be as great as these persons. Forget about the Einstein hairs, the lenses and the unquantifiable number of facial blemishes for all of us can be intellectuals. Now, I was left pondering if who am I in these coming years....Hmmmmm...we'll see.

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