Saturday, January 17, 2009

On Ms. Borres' note

Last night, I have a short chatting session with my friend about this girl form my school who blogged about her experiences in an immersion trip up in the mountains where Aetas lived. Her blog contains explicit, discriminative notes about the natives lifestyle. Since I find this notes very offensive I would not post her blog here.

The primary reason of the immersion program offered by the university in which me and Ms. Borres go is that in relation to the school’s vision. Moreover, it is also used to expose the students in to the realms of the poors which will consequentially develop a full awareness of what is happening our country. Unfortunately, Ms. Borres seems like she sticks to the stereotypical icon of the university student.

My claim about this is that she shouldn’t have said those things– even if it was meant only for her friends to see her humours. She is studying in one of the country’s top universities and yet she didn’t realized that there are things that is more proper to say than to write. I will not condone her friend’s treachery but nonetheless, she must’ve known that writing, especially in blogs, needs special care about the choice of words. I respect her freedom of speech but she shouldn’t have used and/or abused it like the way she have done to criticize the Aetas’ way of life.

I pity my her because she haven’t seen the real objective of the immersion program. I understand that she grew up in a well-to-do upbringing but nonetheless she is a Filipino herself. I suggest that she must go take every courses she had taken from our university in order to understand the graveness of her commentaries. After all, the Philippines doesn’t need persons like her– discriminative, abusive and a leech in the society.

Persons like her are the primary reason why our country does not develop.

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