Sunday, January 25, 2009

We can do it!

A few minutes ago, I was listening to Obama's Inaugural Address and how he is eloquent enough to silence everybody and to let them lend their ears. As I was watching the video in awe, I was left to wonder why is the Philippines failed to produce such persons, like Obama, who are dignified and simply magnificent.

The Philippines, in fact, has produced hundreds, if not thousands, of intellectuals. However, none as the nation has ever witnessed that a person stand on a podium as a president who can speak a dignified, eloquent rhetoric. There is nothing wrong with the people: There is something wrong in the system.

Barack Obama, and as well as the other president of the United States, is a concrete definition of democracy. That is majority.

For decades, our country has been voting simply the plurality for presidency. It was impossible for us to attain the majority because of our system of choosing the right one. In fact, the candidates for presidency are neither fully transparent nor qualified enough to hold the seat in which the country's prosperity will depend for the next six years. We have been witnessing a serious of failures which cover our mediocre successes. For decades, we haven't achieved a milestone in democracy because we are simply not educated and blind for truth. Our country is poor: in health care, in education, in economy. Thus, we are simply poor in everything.

Of how many times we failed, we tried to stand up again but never recovered because corrupt persons are leading us. We have not produced a great leader: a leader with a powerful discernment and a just judgement. America is a democracy like us and they have established a majestic name in earth. I know we can do it. If they procure change, we also can. We can all do this in 2010. God Bless the Philippines!

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