Saturday, July 24, 2010

Cheesy Plot Can Still Make an Everlasting Love

Week Number 1 (still) and Movie Number 3: The Notebook (2004). (Yes, it is based on the novel of Mr. Nicholas Sparks of the same title.)

The only bad thing about this movie is that it is one of those country-boy-meets-city-girl movie he making the plot very predictable. You know that in the end, Noah and Allie will be united despite their differences and the parent hindrance. Although they have twisted the timeline (making it non-linear because the story is told on a flashback), they made their greatest flaw by giving a very obvious hint that the two oldies are in fact the lovers in the story as written in the notebook when the nurse "gave" the name of the old girl. Nevertheless, watching the movie makes a well spent two hours for the audience.

Of course, the timeless plot template of well-refined-girl-fell-in-love-with-the-bad-boy is always cherished especially by the girls (and I am gay, thus, I count as "girl"). The movie makes it you remember that day when you first fell in love no matter if it was only a puppy love. Noah was a man of few words and it makes him simplay hot and it makes you want him (or not him, maybe someone like him. Talk about Derek Ramsay). And naturally, you would want to act like the spoiled Allie who wants to be with her beau most of the time and start to make fights with him which both of you would reconcile in sweet caressing hugs and maybe a prolonged kiss. Romantic it is for the girls but I think the guys have some difficulties appreciating this movie because an obvious appreciation would have them appear to be at least effeminate.

With Alzheimer's Disease being the major blockade of their supposedly continuing love story, the movie saved itself from the major fires because of this trick. We are sure that Noah, as steadfast to his love for Allie, reads the notebook to her so often in order for her to fulfill her promise to "return" every time the story is retold. And we are glad that she "returns" everytime he reads the story to her; however tragically that it only last for five minutes at most. Also, the recurring symbolism of the mansion highlights two main "roads" of the story line: First, the mansion's renewal manifests the hope that Allie would come back to him once the mansion is finsihed, and last, its transformation from old to new can be juxtaposed with the implied resurrection of their love after their physical death. Therefore, the movie, although it has the cheesiest plot template, have depth and unique visual palatability. It makes us still believe that there are wonderful things in our life amidst the pain and trials that we are burdened.

Ryan Gosling has already proven to be one of the greatest actors of this era. His hotness and the believability of his acting is a very good choice for the movie. For this movie, he won the Teen Choice Awards for a breakout performance of a male and an actor for a drama flick-- a true evidence that the movie hs a lot of teenage fans (what would we expect?). Also, Rachel McAdams has used her innate Queen Bee she also used for Mean Girls (2004) in order to portray successfully the spoiled, rich kid nature of Allie. Combining the innate talents of this actors, they made one of the classic kiss flicks in the entire history which catapulted them into series of dating sessions after the movie screening. Indeed, they make a wonderful couple and it contributed so much to the success of the movie.

One thing that we can learn about The Notebook is that love endures forever. However cheesy that line is, it gives us hope and it encourages us to engage in a loving relationship. In our times now, true love maybe hard to find and girls would have the difficulties now to find a bad-boy sawmill worker but the movie assures us that love is always there hoping to be found in the right place and time.

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