Saturday, July 17, 2010

Julie and Julia (Again)

Well, this is not really "again", I just made a reference from my first post in this blog.

It is my first week to my new devotion and actually, I did not made any plans to write this blog until I watched Julie and Julia (2009) few days ago. I know it will be redundant to say (my apologies) that this movie had inspired me to do this blog and now, I am trying to follow Julie Powell's tract: WRITE.

This movie is more than just about cooking and baking and writing. This movie is about Love and Passion towards life. This movie made me wonder what life has to offer me and what I am passionate about. (Well, I would not want to be an existentialist again and I am saving my life-is-a-bitch ranting to my other blog because that will bore you). Julia and Julie are passionate about their cooking that that became there life. This movie taught us that passion is the antecedent of life. And not just life, but also the greatest joy of being in love- not just with someone, but with life itself.

The movie was great. It made me laugh at the unusual voice of Julia (it is soo ipit and it made me remembered the voice of Felicity Huffman in Transamerica---ooh I love to write about that) and the way she makes up for her mistakes in cooking. It also made me as frustrated when Julie overslept and find her Boeuf Bourguignon burnt. It is a mixture of all the emotions and the aggregate of these emotions makes you to commit to something and achieve something in life. Thus as inspirational as it is, it makes us do something in life.

In some funny way, I felt kinda awkward to Amy Adams because she is far beyond the Giselle I watched on Enchanted (2007) when I first saw her. You can see a great difference between her portrayal of the two characters which makes her a very good actress. Moreover, Meryl Streep is as astounding as she is as she portray Julie with that unusual voice and awkward manner in the "high-fashioned, well-groomed" streets of Paris (no wonder she won a Golden Globe and an Oscar nomination for Best Actress).

Needless to say, Julie and Julia is one of the greatest movies the world has seen. As it is work on the development of a certain passion to propel one person, it makes us realize that in life, hardships come and go but with enough passion and strength, we could have anything that we wanted on the right time and on the right situation.

PS: I will follow Julie Powell to her site and I would love to take correspondence with her!

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