Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Johnoy Danao Cover- Mr. Brightside

So I was about to sleep last night and I tried to download the 4th episode of Good Times Acoustic. You know, I'm an avid fan of Mo Twister's podcast so it's kind of odd this time because I was just about to hear GTA the first time. But it wasn't the first time I heard of Johnoy sings, he guested in the podcast about twice already and I love his renditions. Then last night, I was laying and Johnoy started to sing Mr. Brightside by The Killers and it was so freaking amazing. See for yourself!

I told you! It was an amazing rendition. And there is a lot more of them so here I am right now downloading GTA from iTunes and adding me all in my playlist. Johnoy has this bedroom voice that I love, and from  now on, he's going to be my lullaby singer. Good Times!

Catch Good Times Acoustic live every Sundays, 8PM-10PM with Mo Twister and Johnoy Danao. You can also download them in iTunes for free.

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