Sunday, March 6, 2011

Battle Axe Network's Good Times Acoustic Pilots Tomorrow Night

Avid listeners of the Good Times with Mo the Podcast, are you one of us who have to endure the two days of withdrawal from our much favorite podcast? Well, worry not my friends because tomorrow, Mo Twister will pilot the first episode of Good Times Acoustic(GTA) with Pinoy sensation Johnoy Danao.

Battle Axe Network brings to you a yet another sensational podcast after the much successful GTWM the Podcast. Every Sunday, 8PM-10PM, Mo and Johnoy will give you two hours of acoustic session. Like the podcast, GTA will be available live at the GTWM Ustream channel and will be available for download at iTunes.

For now, enjoy this toe-tapping cover of Snow Patrol's Just Say Yes from the Bonus episode of GTWM Podcast:

Keep on supporting GTWM podcast, as it remains on the top charts of iTunes all over the world. Don't forget to tune in tomorrow and as usual, love/sex/relationship questions will be entertained weeknights 9-11PM on the regular podcast with Mo and Dr. Ganster. Good Times!

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