Thursday, December 16, 2010

Gay Flicks made me Want a Boyfriend

This past few days, I was hooked (and still am hooked) with gay flicks. No, not porn.....I mean, those sensible gay movies that were featured on foreign gay film festivals. Of course there is some skin and hot guys and kissing and spooning, but whatever, these movies I have watched are those with a real story. These movies ruined my blogging schedule but I don't really care. At the very least, I could still feel all this kiligs  that I have imagining who my true love is and when shall I meet him.

These movies (Shelter, 2007; Latter Days, 2004), made me cry and feel an inexplicable sense of euphoria inside me. I really don't know if it is happiness because "kilig" is too plain for a word. The sexiness of the guys are just a plus but the acting is superb that the pairings are believable. I blame this movie for wanting some more coz I just can't seem to get enough with some gay romance. So there I was, scrumbling (I dunno if there is such a word) the internet to find online streaming of some sensible gay movie. (Note that i am looking for a MOVIE not for PORN).

After several hours of surfing and searching and most of the times frustrating myself to find copies, I came by the "supercouple" Luke Snyder and Noah Mayer (kilig again) of As The World Turns. This guys are so hot together, and lucky for me Van Hansis (the guy playing Luke, the blond guy) is gay. Their storyline is always almost over the top--because it is a soap-- but nonetheless their feelings are natural. Kilig again. What is great about this couple is that there is a certain LukeVanFan in YouTube that uploads EVERY scenes of their storyline ever since 2010!!!!! And thus, I am always spending my time watching them too and making kilig over the place. If you are interested  on watching Luke and Noah click the link above and enjoy. I highly recommend it for non-homophobe people.

So what if I'm gay. I still have the right to have a lovelife and I'm praying to give me a boyfriend right now. Yeah, that is my christmas wish: A BOYFRIEND. But I rather have some high standards because looks pay off and my guy should have some sensible brain to talk with. So if anyone who's reading this pass, please, message me and we will see. Lol.

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