Sunday, December 5, 2010

Random. Crazy. Post

I am a failure on my two movie blogs, yet I 'm still holding on in making those things successful. These movie blogs of mine follows different formats: one is a free movie blog where I write about any movies I watch and the other brings me to the journey of watching the greatest movies of the '90s. Both of them is inspired by The Julie/Julia Project by Julia Powell which I came across with watching Julie and Julia (2009) starring Amy Adams and Meryl Streep. These movie blogs the one who keeps me busy these days but as sloppy as I am, I never did any blogs until today and some few days ago.

Those two blogs are rather invisible to the blogsophere. Not to mention this blog is also invisible. But I don't care. I am not the most interesting person and my writing might suck in different aspects  but you can't deny me of my right to express myself. So going back in the two blogs, writing posts to them felt like a great achievement for me who has nothing to do with my life except household chores. It feels refreshing to watch a movie after washing the dishes and then write something about the movie. I am following the footsteps of Julia but I have none of her wit and humor. See this blog is getting boring.

I am about to close this post without and spell check and rereading. This is my random rants so i don't care if this post has nothing to offer you. If you read this, then I successfully wasted your time. So yeah, see you in the next posts and hopefully those posts will have something in it.

PS: I have been alone here in the house for three days and I am trying to keep my sanity intact by writing this blog. Obviously, I failed (as usual). Nyahahahhaha

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