Thursday, December 23, 2010

This is my coldest Christmas ever, well at least, literally.

It must have been around below 20 degrees outside and the air is crisp and chilly. Shivering seems more frequent to me now and I am wondering if this could lead to hypothermia. (knock on wood). Now I am wondering what if I go to those country where Christmas is not just like this cold. Colder. Ano kaya ang magiging itsura ko nun?!

Two days before Christmas, and I am thanking God that there is no wind. Baka kasi lalo pa akong ginawin? We have no aircon in the house but there is no need even for an electric fan right now. Every bare part of my body is like getting it's "fair"amount of cold. And feeling ko, magssnow na dito sa Pilipinas. Dream come true? I think I am not ready for that yet.

And as for having a cold Christmas on a metaphorical sense, well, I would say that this is my warmest Christmas ever. I never had a Christmas like this: planned. It is like having an actual family which I longed for. I only want this, happy family that I wished I have.

Yeah, that'sit fornow, I still have some gifts to wrap.

PS: I still need a boyfriend. lol

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