Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My passwords are too long and they are too scientific to use, so right now I decided to change all of them for the sake of convenience. It is really hard when you share computer with your brothers (we are not rich) coz you can't really just make itself on automatically log-in for the fear of leaking informations (lol, there are things they shouldn't know). Therefore, I always find myself, every time using the computer, under go the tedious carpal-tunnel-risked finger position to type at least 32 characters that mean a single protein found in the mitochondria of a blue-green slime with two forks growing on to his head. lol.

That is for now.

PS: as you may see I am now writing without that title. What for, I am a random thinker and I can't even arrange the cluttered ideas in my mind.


I have been practicing with Adobe Photoshop and I am trying those online text tutorials. They went soo good take a look. 
I love the first one. The last one was supposed to be gold plated, but i think I typed too much. I have to re do it.

Good times!

PS: I'm listening to an uploaded clip from Good Times with Mo Twister. Marc Nelson and Rovilson Fernandez on the Forbidden Question.


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