Saturday, February 26, 2011

Born this Way: Maria Aragon and Dave Karofsky

I know there is some serious buzz about this girl, Maria Aragon, all over the internet. Then few days after I first heard her name, she was featured in The Ellen Show. Yeah, she is the buzz now and just few hours ago, I visited her infamous video and immediately fall in love with her. Her Lady Gaga's Born This Way cover is awesome that I have raped, molested, abused the reply button several times that the music becomes "embedded in my subconscious". For more, this girl is Filipino! So after listening to the song,  I researched the chords of the song and by studying the progression she used in the video, WHOA! I can play the song in my keyboard! Yey!

More on to this song, rumor has it that our Glee Resident Bully Hottie Dave Karofsky will be singing this Lady Gaga song on his coming out scene. Checking the Glee Wikia website, there is no yet revelation on which episode will Dave be featured again (Quite honestly, I am missing him since the Thriller episode. He is just so adorable.) I, rooting for the Kurtofsky love ship, is very excited to hear Karofsky sing this song- better yet, in front of Kurt. However, the rumor is still a rumor as when Max Adler was interviewed he said that
"We are sworn to secrecy by the producers and they will have our heads if we reveal anything," 
So we are still left on the hanging. (I still hope he does sing the song).

PS. Why do I love Born This Way. It is so GAY. Hence, Lady Gaga
Here is Lady Gaga's Cover for her latest album. Isn't she great(er than Britney)?

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