Friday, February 11, 2011

Yey for me last night!

Just want to share:

Last night, I called the show (Good Times With Mo the Podcast) to ask for an advice on how to win back my ex-boyfriend. I will not delve in to the details on our breakup but I will just tell you that it hurts me so much without him for these past few days. Luckily, Mo is got soooo mabait and he and Rhian gave me a valentine's package from and to ask my ex out. Yey for me!

I invite you guys to listen on weeknights 9-11PM starting next week. Got a love/sex/relationship questions? Don't be shy and ask them out to the Philippine Genius Mo Twister and Dr. Gan Montenegro. Each caller wins aPhilipps Go Gear Mp3 Player from (and the cool thing is that, they will deliver it straight to your home) and a chance to win  cellphones, laptops and GC's from Fridays and SanMig Light.

PS: Yesterday is a very awesome day for me: I saw my first love, my happy crush texted me and I got a chance to win back my love of my life.

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