Saturday, February 5, 2011

Coming Next: 2011 Oscar's Nominees for Best Picture

Am I a movie critic? No. But I'll try to put my two cents on the nominees. 

This year, the Academy nominated 10 films for the Best Picture Category-- 5 more than the usual 5 nominees of the last years. Fair enough, because 2010 was a year of great movies. The nominees for 83rd Academy Awards for Best Pictures are:

  • The Black Swan. Medavoy. Oliver. Franklin
  • The Fighter. Hoberman. Lieberman. Wahlberg
  • Inception. Thomas. Nolan
  • The Kids are All Right. Gilbert. Levy-Hinte. Rattray
  • The King's Speech. Canning. Sherman. Unwin
  • 127 Hours. Colson. Boyle. Smithson
  • The Social Network. Rudin. Brunetti. De Luca. Chaffin
  • Toy Story 3. Anderson
  • True Grit. Rudin. Coen. Coen
  • Winter's Bone. Rosselini. Mardigan-Yorkin
Up next are my individual movie reviews for the nominees.

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