Saturday, February 5, 2011

Funny Commuters

Commuting is very tiring: Squeezing your way through mass transportations, boring your way through the EDSA traffic, contaminating your lungs with smog notwithstanding free unwanted face powder every time smokebelchers pass you by. There are a lot of ways a commuter can describe the stress commuting induces. As for me, it drains me farther after the toxic of school. Look, what will you feel after taking a two-hour exam then when you sardined yourself through MRT the man beside you smells like sinigang. Hahahah. However things could be fun in commuting. Today, while going home, three scenes caught my attention.

The first one was a man, at least on what his formal business attire could say to me. We entered the MRT on Ayala Avenue and as it is expected, we should squeeze through the sardine-like train to avoid the EDSA rush-hour traffic. So we are standing station from station, our bodies bumped to each other many times (he is good-looking by the way) and he was texting. I dunno but for some reasons, without any intentions to pry (or maybe there is, I keep on denying it), I saw he's texting some named Sir Jeffrey. The message read (NV): "Mahal nasa train na ako, malapit na ako. I love you po". Processing this particular scene, many possible theories came into my head, but given my scientific background, Occam Razor's Principle says to me that he is gay. So we girls, we come to a conclusion that, "Aanhin pa ang gwapo, kung gwapo rin ang hanap." (What we'll do to a handsome man if he looks for another handsome man.)

I got over the gay guy from the train, so I went down North Avenue Station, walked from Trinoma to the bus stop in SM and boarded the bus. The bus is fairly deserted and it is unusual for the rush-hour to have a bus hardly half-full. So I sat by the left side of the train and seated beside the windows. Opposite my seat is a couple, the guy is from FEU (noticed from the uniform) and the girl is a saleslady (note the varicose veins behind that skin-toned stockings). It is approximately one-hour ride from SM North to my home in Bulacan and we passengers occupied like almost one-fifth of the seats and we are staggered everywhere. I am a keen observant myself so I noticed it when the couple transferred to the back seats which no one is seating. As a malicious person and I concluded that my senses are right because upon looking at the mirror (Not to check if my face is oily again but to spy on the couple) I saw the couple lip-locking and tongue fighting at the back seat. I suggest these two persons should flick their channels to ETC 21 and wait Tyra Banks to say "Too much PDA, GO GET A ROOM".

Ten minutes away from the stop, there was also this putaching looking lady two rows up but on the other side of the bus. She is awfully dressed and heavily made-up. The hair was pony-tailed on one side and I can imagine her waiting in Cubao overpass for drunken and ill-smelled customers who only come at night. We are nearing our stop and she prep herself up. It is kinda weird because the bus is homebound but she put another layer of lipstick to her kalyo-infested lips and  sprayed a mist of perfume (In fairness to her she has a nice perfume) to her cloth-scarced dress but what annoyed me the most is that the smell of her hand lotion. It diffused in air and its like there is a funeral on going inside the bus. Oh well, I can't blame her she looks like a putaching.

It is funny seeing these kinds of people while commuting. You don't really know if they made your busy day a little lighter or they made it worse. As for me, I just had a very funny commuting experience

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