Sunday, February 6, 2011

Oscar Best Picture Nominee: 127 Hours
Starring: James Franco
Directed by: Danny Boyle
Produced by; Christopher Colson, Danny Boyle, John Smithson
Adapted from: Aron Rolston's Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 94%

Synopsis: A happy-go-lucky son foes out trekking in a a wide canyon alone... without telling anyone where he is going. Trapped with a  boulder blocking his arm to move, he has no choice but to resort to a desperate measure in order to survive.

Movie critic Matt Kelemen says that 127 Hours "... maybe a total contrast with [Slumdog Millionaire], but in terms of artistic innovation, it is a greater achievement." Indeed, given the awesome cinematography to visualize Aron Ralston's (Franco) hallucination is a great device to put an action on a seemingly stationary character stuck in between rocks. Yes, if you are looking for an action pack trekking experience, this is not the movie for you; but, I assure you that when I say that this movie is action-packed, it is definitely thrilling.

The film revolves around the story of Aron Ralston and his 127-hour stranded moments in between two rocks with a boulder blocking his hand. Equipped with only a cheap swiss knife, a head light, half-a-bottle of water and some biscuits, he has no choice but to witness his own slow death. Amidst of fading hope and desperately resorting to drinking his own urine to quench his thirst, he hallucinates and entertains himself with his camera and some skits. It is funny how the plot is extended to include the bubly side of James Franco (Can I just say that he is HAWT?). His charms juxtaposed to his acting prowess makes him deserving for the Best Actor Award.

Three years after the success of Slumdog Millionaire, Producer-Director Danny Boyle goes back to the Oscar scene with this compelling story. With the gruesome and visual amputation climax, an audience could either pass out or at least feel the pain of desperation. Indeed, a very amazing creation and not a movie for those who can't take blood.

Other Academy Awards Nominations:
Best Actor. James Franco
Best Adapted Screenplay. Danny Boyle, Simon Beaufoy
Best Original Score. AR Rahman
Best Original Song. AR Rahman, Dido and Rollo Armstrong
Best Film Editing. Jon Harris

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