Friday, January 21, 2011

Tactless me

This past few days, I have been the center of the attention of one of my facebook pages I belong to. That page was inteded for the alumni and current students of my high school. Well, I seldom post there, I am not a fan of those things but for the sake of quenching the thirsts of my ex-classmate for news about me I reluctantly accepted the invitation for me to join and have some posts there occasionally. It so happens that one night while I boringly surfed the net and I came by the page, a post of someone I didn't know (but apparently from my school) irritated me a lot.  

I can't remember what she said (let's name her Ms. X) verbatim but it's something about FaceBook being overcrowded and you need to repost that particular note Ms. X posted around 15 times (I think) so that Mark Zuckerberg, His Eternal Hotness, would not delete your account. The post irritated me so much to the point that I replied, with a very harsh tone, that obviously insulted Ms. X.

I deemed the post stupid. Of course it is! IT IS A FREAKING CHAIN MAIL, a freaking, in short, a waste of time. Yes, I know I am guilty of believing in those in some point of time (Who does not really?). But you get the sense of plain idiocy in posting these kinds of notes in a public post to gain access in a 23 kilobyte of attention from the world that does not care. In this era of information availability, these kind of notes is totally sacrilegious to the intent of using the internet which so happens many of us abuses. I reacted, in short, very negatively while emphasizing every word in caps lock. This had me the spotlight of the page and several people reacted, most of them neutrally, but there are some, well not counting Ms. X (which by the natural law of action and reaction responded to my reply), who also attacked me in the page.
I regretted replying to the post so blatantly. I must not have called her names. Maybe I was too bored that time because of staring the whole day on my TweetDeck page, but I know that that wasn't the right excuse for me to insult Ms. X. This is the thing about me. Ever since I was so frank and tactless I don't care for every word that comes to my mouth. My tita could recall how I corrected the grammar of a certain lady when I was three years old. I could also recall putting to shame a teacher of mine who does not know what he is talking about. My friends vividly remembers the day they met me and I unnecessarily commented on the way they act. I am very careless with my words and I say what I want to say, whether or not it is insulting or complementing (Well mostly it is insulting, but nonetheless, I complement people if they deserve to. That's a good one isn't it?). Well it just happened that what I did backfired on me.

At the end of the day I learned two things. One is that, words make or break. It matters very much what I say to a certain person and my words are my responsibility (So as you my dear reader.). On the brighter side, I have learned that there are still the dear old friends that reminds me that I have erred this time and that I should apologize for what I have done.

PS. I watched the 10th Anniversary Concert of Les Miserables. My favorites are Fantine and Eponine, portrayed respectively by Ruthie Henshall and my idol Lea Salonga. This past few days, I am suffering-- the right term would be indulging-- having the Last Song Syndrome on I Dreamed A Dream, Fantine's Death, On My Own and Master of the House. Great watch it is! There are videos in YouTube

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