Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hilarious Listen Last Night

So last night was the pilot episode of Good Times With Mo the Podcast featuring the "Philippine Genius" DJ  Mo Twister, and his new co-host Dr. Gan Montenegro. It was a great show, as always whenever DJ Mo is there. Their first celebrity guest was the controversial macho-dancer Dr. Hayden Kho. The show was primarily dedicated for those who have love/sex questions. The good thing about this podcast is that there is no MTRCB so the hosts are free to talk any word they wish. (It was hilarious hearing Mo Twister curse "Tang ina" with that slang accent). Another great thing about the show is that every caller wins a Samsung MP3 and if you are the best caller of the night, you might win GC's or Lenova Laptops or out of the country trips etc.

There were a lot of sex/love questions asked last night and midway it got boring. But then, this stupid jejemon slut called and asked about her stupid situation where she flirted with a married man and she is afraid that she might be pregnant. As a home-wrecker she is, of course, she was called idiot and stupid by Mo and so many of us listening through UStream. I bitched her all through out in the chatroom and as a jejemon as she is, i hope that all Jejemons like her will face their own Hitler and be the victim of the totally legitimate propaganda called Jejemon Holocaust. God! How cheap the girl is (And I am taking it personally for the home-wrecker sluts)! For more, when Mo said that she could win the laptop she started to cry. "Oh my god, I'm gonna cry. This is my dream". Duh?! I won't even pardon her TH english. Too bad (and Hallelujah) she just won GC's for TGIFridays which undoubtedly she has never heard of coz the most expensive restaurants she could ever get in to is Jollibee. God, she just woke up the resident bitch inside me!

Anyway guys, I hope you could get to listen to this podcast. Topics may not be that interesting if you are not in to sex but yeah, the show could be amazing. If you want to listen for the last night's episode, click here  and just scroll down until you reach the Podcast button. It is also available through iTunes.

And don't forget to listen to him Mondays-Fridays 10PM-12PM on UStream. You could also listen to him anytime by downloading the podcasts through iTunes. Also follow DJ Mo Twister on Twitter @djmotwister, and Dr. Gan Montenegro @gan. The podcast has also it's own official Twitter Account, it's @GTWMPodcast. Call 659-6969 to get in to the show and win prizes and you can also calll via Skype (and you will be greeted/entertained by Bikini Girl) goodtimeswithmopodcast.

SO there guys! Good Times!

PS: Tonight's guest will be Ruffa Gutirrez. :)

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