Saturday, January 1, 2011

Since it is new year, then it is unavoidable to wonder what is in store for us for the next 12 months of our life. Questions about luck, love, career, money etc often flood during the first few weeks of the year and here comes our super experts (and some funny pretenders like Madame Auring) in feng shui and zodiac. Well, I personally don't believe in these and totally believe that one makes her own fate. However, as curious as I am, I found myself browsing to feng shui/horoscope websites and took notes on my zodiac predictions.

2011 is the year of the metal rabbit. They say that these year will be guided by the gracious and pristine manners of the rabbit. For most of us, this will be a generous year. Since I was born June 11, 1992 my signs in the Chinese and Western Zodiac are monkey and gemini. Here are some few predictions and advices from them:

     -can achieve more than they will lose.
     - should not rush things, makes decisions rushly
     - Main line of conduct should be the ability to harmoniously fit into any situation and not resist it
     - may engage in several romances at once (sounds like many boyfriends.....ooooh)
     - destiny will provide the ideal partner (I can't wait)
     - will spend summer in love
     - romantic relationship entered during the year will last long.
     - good luck will guide entire 2011

    - A very busy life filled with humour, quarrels, tear reconciliation are standard liaison for 2011
    -  has a good chance of becoming famous and well-known
    - It is necessary to know own limits and avoid gambling and speculations.

Sounds like a good year for me then. But what I look forward for this year is about my love life. I want to experience a full-time romance, unanchored on sexual drives and full of passions. Well maybe because of the gay flicks that I have recently watched (I recommend Latter Days, Shelter and Une question d'amour) but also because of my eagerness to meet my true love.

Can't really wait for this year. Yes to positivity.  

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