Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I was supposed to write this blog last night but I am so dead tired of a whole day walking on a 5-inch heels. On the plus side, while visiting my high school, I met (not really met met) this uber cute senior boy. Ahhhhhh, I feel so old being 18 and being legal, I might be sued for child abuse if I tried to flirt with this cute guy. Hahaha, oh well, I am still looking for 2011 love predictions are on the positive side.


Sometime around 9PM last night, my lolo and I spotted Jupiter on the Western sky. In these past few days, Jupiter reigned as the brightest celestial object because Venus is not yet visible. The thing about Jupiter is that it moves fast so an amateur sky observer with an ordinary telescope has a little time to catch this planet on the sky. Also, I just appreciated living on the suburbs because of it is devoid of light pollution and it is easier to star gaze.

Here are the photos taken from my lol's TASCO telescope and my N6600.
Jupiter is the one in the center. Io, its biggest moon is the one on the upper left. The blurred colors on the lower side amazed me.

Another picture of Jupiter

PS: It is so hard aligning my phone's lens to the lens of the telescope. It is much easier doing this using a microscope.

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