Monday, January 3, 2011

I love how hair accessories are re-surfacing right now. You know those flowers, feathers, eye veils, hats, head chains/strings and everything (I don't know actually what to call them)? Yeah those things amazes me. Well, it has been a long time since hair accessories appear on ordinary day Filipino fashion. Maybe it is too hot here in the Philippines but I believe that this generation deemed them unfashionable. But here I see people now wearing flowers, feathers and tiaras on their head. I could thank Pokwang for her daily headdress during her Wowowee days (although most of them are comically absurd and "unwearable") for the resurrecting these supposed-to-be-extinct fashion accessories.

But the thing about these on going crave for roses and wings on one hair is that you get the sense that something is not right. I am not a fashion expert (and I always get criticized by the way I dress) but I am not that fashion unaware to know that one wears a horrible and pretentious tiara. You can always get to know if one is not wearing it the proper way. And it irritates me a lot, just like Mich Dulce was irritated by the hats in Rosario.

Yeah I know, fashion is art and art is about expressing one's self but you can't always wear a obnoxious feather hair band and pair it up with your pambahay (aka pambili ng suka) attire. Worse, your shining neon violet head band doesn't go with your yellow and brown polka dot dress. Not that you look atrocious but it makes me wanna hit you straight to your face. One is free to express herself but there are just things that look disgusting to another's eye.

So lesson for today: Don't try to pretentiously over decorate yourself.

PS. My lolo's friend asked me to do a brochure and I got paid. yey, photoshop is my bestfriend!

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