Saturday, January 1, 2011

So yeah, goodbye 2010 for good and hello positivity for 2011.I wasted 2010 from doing nothing but staring at the screens of computers and finding myself. Last year was my first year and here comes 2011 which brings me a generous amount of hope.

So the first song I sung this year was Better Days. I dunno why I chose to sing this song but somehow it gives me the eerie feeling of a pre-telling. Great song to start the year!

11:40 AM

Just finished watching The Black Swan starring Natalie Portman. Great watch all I can say. Except that Natalie Portman forgot to wear a nipple tape. lol. The ballet was nice, the plot is superb. This is what I call a movie. Not just a cheap recycled material compared to Enteng Kabisote and Agimat shiz.

NP may not deserve the Oscars for 2011 but nevertheless, she did a great acting.

Highly Recomended.

Just look at NP's neck here. She does deserve the Best Neck Award. NP doesn't fail me. I sooooo love her. Especially in The Other Boleyn Girl. One of the best actresses in her crop.

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