Saturday, March 12, 2011

Movie Watch List: March 6-12

Just Go With It Starring: Jeniffer Aniston, Adam Sandler
50 First Dates Starring: Drew Barrymore, Adam Sandler
The Sixth Sense Starring: Bruce Willis, Haley Joel Osment
Forrest Gump Starring: Tom Hanks, Robin Wright, Gary Sinise
Coco Avant Chanel Starring: Audrey Tatou, Benoit Poelvoorde, Alessandro Nivola

Can you guess the connections among these movies (at least among the first four)?

Boring nights lead me to watching these movies. Movie breaks in between paper works are my private haven from all the stress, after all, watching the Twitter timeline can get boring. So Tuesday night, I found myself searching through (Torrents are the most wonderful things ever invented. But that makes me a pirate. Who cares anyway?), and found a good copy of Just Go With It.  

Just Go With It is just like any other romantic comedies out there. Boy doesn't realize girl's hotness not until a vacation or something out-of-nowhere. This is just the kind of movie with no historical significance of its own but a good watch if you want a good laugh. The fake british accent of the drama queen daughter of Aniston was so hilarious that it made me want to practice Harry Potter Tongue. For more, Adam Sandler, who's character is unbelievingly rich, is so hot. Imagine hot body + sense of humor. Heaven.

The last point lead me to find another movie with Adam Sandler in it. So went to Google, typed "Adam Sandler romantic comedies" and boom, it gave me 50 First Dates. With my sudden Adam Sandler wanting, this movie is indeed a treat. Of course, Adam would not be Adam without those insensitive jokes but this movie made me cry. His character in here is so sweet that I wanna have an overnight anterogade amnesia for myself and have a boyfriend like him. The movie is heart-warming enough to evoke some tears, especially each time when Drew wakes up finding the video and knowing that she has that kind of disorder (And she has to go into that each day!) so that she get to experience Adam's love and the joy of having a daughter and also a life. Not a great movie though, but a great watch.

I get to watch Sixth Sense because it was mentioned within 50FD (Remember Drew's gift to his father?). Hahaha. I don't like to watch horror movies in the midnight (I usually watch around 12 AM) because I will be having difficulty of sleeping. So with my heart beating fast, I watched it and heaven do really loves me, it is not that scary. Of course there were the usual Oh shit! moments, but overall, it turned out to be a psycho-logic thriller. This gave me my occasional dose of thinking, and I was like, "Oh that's why!". But this movie lead me to think why Haley Joel Osment is the best pick for creepy child roles.

Speaking of Haley Joel Osment, the only movie which I saw him in it without him being creepy is in Forrest Gump. Well he looks creepy in it but the character isn't (He still look creepy in the real life! Right now! Have you seen his pictures?). Going back to FG, this movie is the "having sense" movie which deserves its Oscars. Tom Hanks is wonderful on his acting as the below-average-IQ guy. This movie made me realize that what matters most is the honesty of feelings. The truth is always conveyed in minimalistic, not those superfluous, words. This is a must watch before you die movie.

My last movie was kinda off. It does not relate to the other four movies on any other way. It just popped out of my mind, suddenly making me remember how I waited for this movie 2 years ago. Coco Avant Chanel is not the usual melodramatic film from real life. The drama is subtler and relies perfectly on the circumstances of the character. After watching A Very Long Engagement , Audrey Tatou is one of my favorite actresses (To be frank, Da Vinci Code didn't contribute to my liking of Tatou. Oh wait, Tom Hanks was there. Oh there, a connection.). Playing Gabrielle Chanel, the movie tells us the early struggle of the orphan who sooner will be the owner of the store selling thousand dollar bags. This movie is inspiring not to mention the wonderful line showcased at the fashion show towards the end of the show. Audrey looks stunning in the closing shot.

So yeah, another week passed with random movies that I watch.

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