Saturday, March 19, 2011

Censorship of Depicting Homosexual Relationship in Philippine Television

Last episode of Glee features the kiss of Blaine and Kurt. Months ago, Dave kissed Kurt in the locker room. Of course, those who watched it in the internet, enjoyed seeing the lovable Kurt being kissed by guys. The Klaine kiss was like the dream of every gay guys out there and I totally commend the writer's of Glee for making such thing happen on Kurt. He deserves it. However, what the audience doesn't deserve is the censorship that MTRCB posed on the "Klaine" kiss, or homosexual kiss in general.

Few hours ago, I saw the Philippine airing of Original Songs, and I was disturbed by the fact that the kiss was not shown. It was like I was stolen a few moments of bliss. I feel disrespected and I started to wonder what is MTRCB's stand when it comes to depiction of homosexuality in Philippine television.

Of course we see a lot of homosexual characters in the television but most of them are like these flamboyantly loud and funny gays. No depth, no seriousness within the character itself. Maybe the writers do not think that a "sensible" gay character would become a hit or maybe they are just too afraid of depicting one, specifically, a deep emotional connection between homosexual characters. I just wonder.

Searching the internet, I stumbled upon these statements by MTRCB. This happened in 2004 and was sent to the TV programs The Buzz and S-Files. I find these statements absolutely disgusting. They say:
" lesbian and homosexual relationships are an abnormality to human nature... To show such kind of abnormality/aberration on primetime TV programs gives the impression that the network is encouraging homosexual relationships" (bold mine)
"To allow lesbians or homosexuals to kiss each on television during primetime is tantamount to saying to children who watch your programs that to be lesbian or homosexual is all right"
These statements of the then MTRCB Chairwoman Consolita Laguardia are totally outrageous and absolutely disgusting. She was as if implying that homosexuals do not have the right to fall in love, or generally speaking, have a deeper emotional attachment to another person. In this world where the persecution to homosexuals seem less severe, this type of statements  unacceptable and totally disrespectful not only towards homosexuals but also towards the person's right to freely express himself. Yes, I know for a fact that these statements were uttered years ago and Laguardia already apologized; but, this "rule' seems to be standing strong because of the censorship on these type of scenes.

So I appeal to the current MTRCB Chairwomen Mary Grace Llamanzares to review their rules with regards to depicting homosexual relationships in the Philippine television. Times are already changed and awareness comes with respect. We are glad that homosexuals receive appreciation in the society but we are also striving for much wider scope of equality. Freedom of expression is a right that must be expressed by each and every one of us. Homosexuals just need to have the society's level of respect to them to be raised in a level where homosexuality is not classified as a disease or an 'abnormality to human nature'

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