Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Dan and Blair Finally Kissed (and a little extra on the side)

Monday's Gossip Girl gave Dan and Blair lot's of airtime. I just love how their relationship develops- a "friendship" based on fight. However, we were left hanging (again!) with Dan and Blair kissing each other to find out if there is something more into them. (Sorry I couldn't find a picture. I'll find one and post it later).

On the next episode, the spoiler said "Fate is sealed with a kiss", while we hear that Blair's revelation that she kissed someone (obviously it was Dan) is making a stir in Manhattan. Yeah, Blair and Chuck is over now and the writers should really pursue this love ship. There are plenty of us wanting this to happen! Too bad we still have to wait for a month for the next episode (ughhhh).

Love them both!


Late night musings led me to this lipsynch video. Watch this to the end! This is hilariously creative. Plain AWESOME! Again watch til the end!

Update: I just found out that this impersonator is Ryan Robles. He joined the noontime variety show Showtime and won in a streak of episodes. Although his latter performances are not as good as this one, his talent is so obvious and totally amazing. Creative much!

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